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Major Market: Disaster Ahead? How to Turn the Titanic

2016 - Phoenix

A great challenge in this environment is how to tap into our most creative talent to create effective experimentation in an environment where the stations are fully consumed with day-to-day operations.

Middle Market: Forging $mart Partnerships

2016 - Phoenix

It’s hard to reach fresh audiences and raise new money -- but you don’t have to do it alone. $mart collaboration builds partnerships with people and organizations that are committed to the work and audiences your station needs. (Pro tip: Some of your best partners can be found in your newsroom.)

Small Market: Innovation you can afford

2016 - Phoenix

Smart partnerships can fill in the cash gap. Experienced public media journalists talk about how working with freelancers, indies and the community can help station leaders extend and diversify their resources.

Growing, Growing, Keep Going – The Practice of Audience Building

Izzi Smith, Alan Feldenkris, Ben Calhoun
2016 - Phoenix

Reversing a years long trend, public radio news stations have been growing though most of 2016. All that, and peak election listening is still ahead of us if we adopt audience building as an on-going practice.  The Spark project helped set a new normal for promotion, and there’s more to be done to keep the hard won gains, while applying what we’ve learned across platforms.  NPR and stations will discuss some of those lessons, opportunities for sustaining listening through the election and beyond, and what's involved in creating a new culture of optimism.

Classical Radio Marketing & Branding

Wende Persons, Jack Allen, Frank Dominguez, Daniel Gilliam, Bill Lueth, Scott Williams
2016 - Phoenix

Is it worth investing precious dollars in a marketing campaign? Hear from stations leaders who have launched campaigns that are building audiences and boosting ratings. This session provides examples of what’s working outdoors and online, and explores the power of clear branding and positioning.

The Next Platform: Public Media, Public Convener

Sue Schardt, Adriana Gallardo, Andi McDaniel
2016 - Phoenix

AIR's Localore: Finding America teams of independent producers and public media stations have focused on creating new, multimedia models in markets large and small. We’ll experience what has emerged from 15 local story productions focusing on engagement in neighborhoods where public media struggles to reach. Watch, listen, and be inspired by stories made with and for the community and join the teams in breakout sessions throughout the day.

Breakfast with On Point

Tom Ashbrook, Kelly McEvers
2016 - Phoenix

On Point host Tom Ashbrook comes to Phoenix with his straight-talk style. He’ll dig into what it really means to engage today’s listeners with NPR’s All Things Considered Host Kelly McEvers. Come see the On Point treatment for yourself. Rich, futuristic and full conversation over a full breakfast to energize your day.

Stationality Beyond Stations

Tamar Charney, Joey Caroni, Zoe Clark, Tom Michael
2016 - Phoenix

You've got your radio signal, your website, NPR One, podcasts, and your community events. So what does "stationality" look like when you're programming more than just a terrestrial radio station? We'll talk about how you consistently communicate what's unique about your service across platforms even when they reach very different audiences.

It's Not as Easy as It Sounds

Julie Amacher, Jim McGuinn, Marge Ostroushko
2016 - Phoenix

What sets us apart from all the other content options out there?  Top talent, engaging hosts, unique personalities. How do you develop those personalities? There’s an art to coaching great talent.  In this session learn how to work with talent, gain their trust and nurture their abilities so they can be engaged while they strive to engage your listeners. 

Strategies for Managing Breaking News

Terry Gildea, Matt Shafer Powell, Jeff Ramirez
2016 - Phoenix

Whether it’s a natural disaster, an active shooter or some other kind of major news event in your local market – more and more public radio newsroom of all sizes are finding themselves in a position to report on breaking news – and fast. This session presents basic strategies program directors and news managers can follow to deliver relevant content that listeners will expect and depend on.