326 Resources

Public Media's Role in Advancing Our Democracy

Kathy Merritt, Alisa Barba, A. Rima Dael
2022 - New Orleans

Join this session to learn about CPB’s efforts to grow state government coverage in public media, based on gaps identified in the Edison Research survey of stations, as well as the work being done through the engaged journalism initiative, America Amplified, to ensure that American citizens have the facts they need to participate in local, state, and Congressional elections this fall.





Sponsored by NPR - Reflecting America and Growing Your Audience

Yolanda Sangweni, Tayla Burney, Travis Pope, Max Ramirez, Jenell Walton
2022 - New Orleans

Join us for a conversation moderated by NPR’s Vice President of Programming and New Content Development Yolanda Sangweni about ways to make inclusive choices and foster growth while continuing to serve your existing audience. 

Contextualizing the Uncomfortable in Music Programming

Matt Martinez, Oliver Camacho, Jordan Lee, Lindsay Kimball
2022 - New Orleans

When and how do music format stations decide to limit or suspend an artist from the playlist? Join a group of experienced music programmers from various formats as they discuss their own processes for making these difficult decisions.

Battling Burnout with Your Team, Your Peers, and Yourself

Jenn White, LaToya Linzey, Irving W. Washington, Melissa Swift
2021 - Redefining Public Media Virtual Conference

We’ll be bringing together a panel of experts to talk about what it means to address the full spectrum of burnout from an organizational perspective with key takeaways for leaders to bring back to their stations and teams.

Sponsored by PRX - Evolving Partnerships Between Networks and Stations

Sean Nesbitt, Charlotte Cooper, Micaela Rodriguez
2021 - Redefining Public Media Virtual Conference

This session will be a foundational conversation for how we collaborate and create across the industry in new ways; ways that lead to successful outcomes for all of our institutions.

Consolidations, Mergers and Management Agreements

Abby Goldstein, Greg Petrowich, Chuck Doud, Joe Barr
2021 - Redefining Public Media Virtual Conference

In this session, we'll explore some of these recent arrangements and discuss the opportunities and challenges that come along with bringing content teams together.

Sponsored by APM - A Transformation Story: Considerations from the BBC's Journey to Reshape its Public Service

Razia Iqbal, Jon Zilkha, Chandra Kavati
2021 - Redefining Public Media Virtual Conference

Please join American Public Media for this session, where BBC Newshour presenter Razia Iqbal will interview Jon Zilkha, Senior Project Director News Group and incoming News Controller for BBC World Service English about this work. Jon will provide a brief overview of the BBC’s transformative work, considerations for approaching such broad-scale work, implications for content, and other challenges (and success) faced along the way.

Diversifying the Triple A Playlist

Sarah Bradshaw, Margot Chobanian, Liz Felix, Gini Mascorro, Bruce Trujillo
2021 - Redefining Public Media Virtual Conference

In this session we’ll talk about practical and philosophical tactics for both bringing more voices to our audiences and continuing to hold ourselves accountable beyond this moment.