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Local Programs: A Widening Opportunity… But

As the PRPD 2001 Local News Core Values Study  reported, there is a widening opportunity for public radio stations to deepen their service to core news listeners who want a comprehensive range of news and information programming -- local as well as national and international. These listeners are increasingly turned off by local commercial radio and TV news and talk shows they describe as shallow, sensational, loud and manipulative.

PD Checklist #2 - On-Air Sound

Questions To Ask About Your Station’s Air Staff

  1. How often are station call letters and dial position given?

    A station should be identified frequently - at least once in every announcing break. 

    The call letters and frequency are the 'first and last name' of the station. Consistently reminding listeners of the station's name:

       • tells listeners who you are
       • differentiates your station from others
       • ensures proper listening credit

PD Checklist #1 - Format

  1. Is the best programming on at the best time?

    Optimum service to listeners means providing the most appealing programming at the times when the most people are listening to the radio. If your station does not have its best programming on at those times, it is missing a prime opportunity for audience service.

  2. Is the program schedule consistent across the week?

Public Radio Quantitative Audience Research Providers

The Radio Research Consortium provides Arbitron listening data and software for public radio stations. The RRC also negotiates special rates for public radio access to Arbitron. They offer several different levels of services – the reports and analysis you receive depends upon the type of subscription chosen by your station.

Stakeholder Mapping

When considering changes at your station, it is important to know how different constituencies are likely to respond to them. Try making a list of everyone who might be affected by your plans.

Sample PD Job Descriptions

Here are some samples of different job descriptions for jobs that encompass the duties of the Program Director. Not all have that title, but the main focus of their work is consistent with the work described in this Handbook.