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Maximizing Your Program Investment: Curating, Repurposing and Segmentation

Jon Hoban, Bill Radke, Robert Hugh-Jones, Kathy Merritt
2013 - Atlanta

This session will explore how various stations around the country are integrating curated content within their regular programming. We’ll hear from a variety of stations (large and small) about how they approach the idea, why they think it’s important and how they manage the technical aspect of integrating segments into their schedules with little or no resources.

Digital Dilemmas

Lori Lewis
2013 - Atlanta

It’s a big swirling universe of digital platforms out there, and it seems like new social media services are popping up every day. How do we make choices about where to put our focus and content?  What are the new priorities and best practices for public radio? And how can PDs lead the way?

Commercial Classical Is Dead; Long Live Commercial Classical

Matt Abramovitz, Bill Lueth, Bryan Lowe
2013 - Atlanta

Join us as we explore classical programming orthodoxies and reconcile them with the best programming practices of formerly commercial classical stations. You’ll learn what they are still doing and why.

Building A "Go Team"

Harriett Ells, Andi McDaniel, Anya Grundmann
2013 - Atlanta

Producer-led innovation is gaining some traction, with a number of stations setting up units designed to tap producers from within to bring forward new ideas that will attract a new audience and bring fresh approaches to format and storytelling. 

Benediction 2013

The Kitchen Sisters
2013 - Atlanta

The Sisters will apply their special magic to a closing that’s more than just a speech.

The New Face Of Public Radio

Pat Harrison, Lynne Clendenin, Deanna Mackey, Sue Schardt, Laura Walker
2013 - Atlanta

Join CPB president and CEO Patricia Harrison for a panel discussion with leaders who are helping to shape the diverse look and sound of public media.

A (Kinda Sorta) Unified Theory Of Social Media

Lila King
2013 - Atlanta

Lila King, Director of Social Media for CNN.com will share her insights into the world of social media and user generated content, how public media is doing, and what we might do to further expand the impact of public service media.

2013 Annual Membership Meeting

2013 - Atlanta

Our tradition for the annual meeting of members is to keep it brief... a quick year-in-review and outline of plans for the year ahead.  We'll reveal some improvements in our knowledge services and have time to hear your feedback and questions about PRPD. 

PRTS5 Unplugged, Not Just the Data

Fred Jacobs, Jim McGuinn, Roxanne Roberts, Todd Mundt
2013 - Atlanta

By now, you’ve seen presentations of the Public Radio Tech Surveys. This year at PRPD, we’re doing something different – using key findings of this landmark study as conversation starters in a fast-moving session that covers what the data means and its implications for public radio.

Public Media Futures Forum

Mark Fuerst
2013 - Atlanta

Nearly every week we hear that some new distribution channel will soon be delivering the very content that was once exclusively available on a public radio station. New technology is expanding audio options. As that happens, program producers are reaching beyond stations, directly to listeners for funding.