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Sponsored by APM - A Transformation Story: Considerations from the BBC's Journey to Reshape its Public Service

Razia Iqbal, Jon Zilkha, Chandra Kavati
2021 - Redefining Public Media Virtual Conference

Please join American Public Media for this session, where BBC Newshour presenter Razia Iqbal will interview Jon Zilkha, Senior Project Director News Group and incoming News Controller for BBC World Service English about this work. Jon will provide a brief overview of the BBC’s transformative work, considerations for approaching such broad-scale work, implications for content, and other challenges (and success) faced along the way.

Diversifying the Triple A Playlist

Sarah Bradshaw, Margot Chobanian, Liz Felix, Gini Mascorro, Bruce Trujillo
2021 - Redefining Public Media Virtual Conference

In this session we’ll talk about practical and philosophical tactics for both bringing more voices to our audiences and continuing to hold ourselves accountable beyond this moment. 

Trends and Stories from PRTS 2021

Jay Kernis, Fred Jacobs, Paul Jacobs, Ju-Don Marshall
2021 - Redefining Public Media Virtual Conference

In this session, Fred Jacobs, President of Jacobs Media will present some of the most compelling findings from PRTS 21 and will join Paul Jacobs, GM of Jacobs Media and Ju-Don Marshall, Chief Content Officer and EVP at WFAE in a discussion moderated by Jay Kernis, producer at CBS Sunday Morning and former SVP for Programming at NPR, about what these broad trends and what they mean for public radio in a rapidly changing media landscape.

Local That Works

Will Keible, Mariana Dale, Debbie Hiott, Teresa Frontado
2021 - Redefining Public Media Virtual Conference

In this session, we'll hear from KUT in Austin about their journey to redefine their own role in the local news ecosystem and we'll learn how WDAV in Davidson, NC engaged the local music community during the pandemic to create something entirely new and redefined their station's brand in the process.

Amplifying America in 2021 and Beyond

Alisa Barba, Rachel Hubbard
2021 - Redefining Public Media Virtual Conference

In this session, we’ll share strategies, practices and tools used to guide stations on a journey that aims to flip the script on how we do journalism -- instead of reporting on communities, we report with them and for them. We will also look at ways in which we can begin to measure the impact of sustained community engagement.

Tactics for Diversifying Classical Music Programming

John Clare, Daniel Gilliam, Suzanne Bona, Frank Dominguez
2021 - Redefining Public Media Virtual Conference

This session gives examples of the first steps in what must be an ongoing journey to craft and present more inclusive and interesting playlists. We can't just talk the talk, we must walk the walk every day -- not just with annual "celebrations" or one-time special events. In this session, veteran classical music programmers share their specific tactics for implementing more diverse and inclusive playlists that serve and delight listeners EVERY DAY.

Taking Podcast to Broadcast and Vice Versa

Jonathan Blakley, Tamar Charney, Christina Kuzmych, Erika Aguilar, Ciku Theuri
2021 - Redefining Public Media Virtual Conference

Our panel will take the audience through the successful podcasts that have made their way to broadcast, and how that has helped or hindered gaining an audience.

Urban Alternative Redefines Public Radio

Abby Goldstein, Mike Henry, Nikki Swarn, "Madd Hatta" Ben Thompson, Ayana Contreras
2021 - Redefining Public Media Virtual Conference

The Urban Alternative format is redefining how public radio reaches, engages and serves younger and more diverse communities. This new format is changing long-held preconceptions of what public radio is and creating a model for becoming essential to untapped public radio audiences.

Leadership in a Moment of Change

Ben Adler, Julia Wallace, Jonathan Blakley, Tracy Brown
2021 - Redefining Public Media Virtual Conference

This session will challenge you to be a better leader and inspire you to move your organization to revolutionary, not evolutionary, change.

The Future Audience Is Here

Gabriel Soto, Tamberly Ferguson, Sachi Kobayashi, Aishah Rahied Hyman, Ernesto Aguilar, Abby Goldstein
2021 - Redefining Public Media Virtual Conference

In this session, Edison Research's Director of Research Gabriel Soto breaks down the national Share of Ear and Infinite Dial data by ethnicity and walks us through some of the findings of the latest Latino Podcast Listener Report to help us understand the preferences, choices and audio listening behaviors of our increasingly diverse audiences. The data lays the groundwork for a deep discussion with Public Media for All about what it's going to take for public media to make significant, meaningful and impactful efforts to reach and serve new audiences.