303 Resources

Save Your Endangered History

Rachel Curtis, Casey Davis Kaufman, Debra Fraser, Terry Gildea
2020 - Let's Go Live! Virtual Summit

. In this session, learn how you can be a part of preserving the social, political, cultural and artistic history of your region.

Objectivity and the Culture of Journalism

Tracy Brown, Angela Kocherga, Keith Woods
2020 - Let's Go Live! Virtual Summit

Join Keith Woods, NPR’s Chief Diversity Officer, as he moderates a discussion on how this moment in our industry and our society is shaping a future culture of journalism.

America Amplified and Election Coverage

Scott Blanchard, Kathy Lu, Mary Shedden, Donna Vestal
2020 - Let's Go Live! Virtual Summit

At this session, we’ll share how things are working out as America Amplified prepares for a national call-in show in October and November. Come learn what we’ve discovered about community engagement, collaboration and the power of a dynamic network.

Covering the COVID Election with Reveal, APM Reports and Member Stations

Sumi Aggarwal, Dee Hall, Tom Scheck
2020 - Let's Go Live! Virtual Summit

Join us to see how the collaboration is playing out just weeks before the election and get a preview of some of our findings. Sumi Aggarwal will moderate a panel of journalists from Reveal, APM Reports and members stations.

Building a Station Mentoring Program

Amy Kovak-Ashley, Doug Mitchell
2020 - Let's Go Live! Virtual Summit

Join Doug Mitchell, Founder/Project Director for NPR's Next Generation Radio and Amy Kovac-Ashley, Vice President/Senior Director with the American Press Institute for a 45-minute session on getting a station-based program off the ground.

Public Radio Tech Survey

Fred Jacobs, Abby Goldstein
2020 - Let's Go Live! Virtual Summit

This year’s survey has the added benefit of giving us a glimpse into how media and device usage may have changed as a result of COVID-19. Join Fred Jacobs, President of Jacobs Media for a look at the 2020 results.

Birth of a Music Format

"Madd Hatta" Ben Thompson, Ayana Contreras, "Heart Attack" Mike Mauzone, Nikki Swarn, Mike Henry
2020 - Let's Go Live! Virtual Summit

After thoughtful research and planning, “Urban Alternative” began in 2016, we'll meet the people managing these new stations and learn about their journey.

Responsive On-Air Fundraising

Ben Adler, Lindsay Kimball, Mike Wallace
2020 - Let's Go Live! Virtual Summit

Join us for practical tips and real-world examples of stations who put the news and music first during their on-air fundraising campaigns.

Building Great Relationships With Freelancers

Amanda Hickman, Mónica Ortiz Uribe, Angilee Shah
2020 - Let's Go Live! Virtual Summit

This panel will share advice on working effectively and ethically with independent journalists.

Super Practical Tips for Editing Scripts

Korva Coleman, Phyllis Fletcher, Rachel Osier Lindley
2020 - Let's Go Live! Virtual Summit

In this session, experienced editors will show you how to get the most out of edits on deadline, and share best practices they’ve learned for making stories sing.