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Classical Listeners & the Infinite Dial

Larry Rosin
2014 - Portland

Beginning in 1998 and every year since, Edison Research has conducted their comprehensive landmark study,The Infinite Dial. This year’s 22nd such study added an additional question to determine whether respondents listen to classical music.

Getting Down to Business with Marketplace

Lizzie O'Leary, Jessica Pressler, Ben Walsh
2014 - Portland

The #1 name in business news, Marketplace is celebrating 25 years on the air. In honor of this milestone, we’re bringing a taste of what’s new at Marketplace to lunch, or maybe we should say Brunch

News/Talk Format Group

Arthur Cohen, Jeff Hansen, George Bailey, Craig Oliver, Dave Sullivan, John Sutton
2014 - Portland

Last year we learned that listening to public radio nationally is declining. This time RRC returns with an updated report for us on how things have been going for us over the last year. We’ll also get an update on midday listening trends now that it’s been about a year since stations around the country have refreshed their mid-day schedules with new newsmagazines.

Triple-A Format Group

Chuck Singleton, Dave Sullivan
2014 - Portland

The Triple-A format has been growing in public radio and stations are coming together to learn about our shared opportunities and challenges.  After a number of years looking at PPM data, there is a story to tell about how Triple A stations are serving their audiences.  At this gathering of Triple A programming decision makers, we will hear about how stations are performing.

Classical Format Group

Gabe DiMaio, Matt Abramovitz, Joe Eskola, Sonja Lee, Bill Lueth
2014 - Portland

Opportunities to meet face to face are rare, so let’s make the most of it by building our knowledge base and transforming last year’s talk into action.

Jazz Is Not Popular: What Are you Going to Do About It?

Nick Francis
2014 - Portland

As Nick Francis leads a discussion with other programmers in the room, you'll hear segments from a variety of jazz recordings, both old and new. Be there to share your reactions, hear how other programmers approach their own "sound," and  discuss how we can make our sound more appealing to a wider audience while maintaining a balance between the commercial and the artistic.

Engagement: It’s Not Just for Romantic Partners

Bill Anderson, Mike Fancher, Jennifer Pemberton
2014 - Portland

More and more stations are talking about “engagement”.  But what does that mean?  Is it a catalyst for content creation?  Is it something we do through social networks or is it a mix of activities that includes face-to-face meetings with our community and audience?

Goin’ Mobile

Todd Mundt, Thomas Hjelm, Andrew Kuklewicz, Sara Sarasohn
2014 - Portland

Mobile phone coverage is virtually ubiquitous, and use is growing fast across most demographic groups. Radio listening on mobile devices has become common among both our core audiences and those audiences we hope to attract.

Music Stations as Community Arts Collaborator & Convener

Ruth Phinney, Anthony Rudel, Bruce Warren
2014 - Portland

We convene audiences through our programming or through listener/member events. However, there is a role that your station can play as a convener of fellow arts non-profits and other like-minded organizations and individuals.