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Sense of Place in a Multimedia World

Tanya Ott, John Decker, Morgan Holm, Erika Janik
2014 - Portland

Research has demonstrated the critical importance of "local radio" and "sense of place" in the terrestrial broadcasting world. However, in this evolving world of multiple platforms, what does "sense of place" actually look like in practice?

Mid-Days Matter: Options for Meeting the Mid-Day Challenge

Dale Spear, Dave Edwards, Jon Hoban, Chris Worthington
2014 - Portland

What are the emerging programming and social media strategies for making the most of the hours between drive times on and off the air? Here we discuss the options for finding the right programming mix of local/national coverage, talent and service to do your station’s job in mid-day.

Champagne Programming on a Beer Budget

Katy Anderson, Peter Dominowski
2013 - Atlanta

Limited resources need not keep stations from improving programming, promotion, and air sound.  We'll start from the progress one station has made in six months and what remains to be done.

Mobile Digital Audio

Christopher Bannon, Phil Redo, Jake Shapiro
2013 - Atlanta

Pandora and Spotify have already changed the world public radio music stations live in. Now, thanks to ever-smarter smart phones and that Connected Car in the driveway, news and information stations face an audience trained to enjoy—and expect—an on-demand, customizable service. How will this impact the stories we tell, the services we provide, the loyalty of our current audience and our own opportunities to grown and evolve?

Living the Story with BBC World Service’s Tim Franks

Tim Franks, Steve Titherington
2013 - Atlanta

In effort to connect and engage more deeply with today’s audiences, BBC World Service recently undertook the  process of developing their new brand positioning statement: Live the Story.  Live the Story is far more than a marketing campaign—it is a guidepost for their reporting and sound as they aim to place listeners at the heart of every event.

Evolution of the PD

Tanya Ott, Christopher Bannon, Tamar Charney, Jackie Sauter
2013 - Atlanta

The job of the program director is evolving and growing as radio stations expand to new platforms. PRPD has firmly established that the PD is the guardian of the content and "sound" of the radio station and in the digital age, this role expands to become a content responsibility for all the platforms where the audience encounters the station

Story First Tech

Rekha Murthy, Nick Dunkerley, Misha Leybovich, Anne Wootton
2013 - Atlanta

MIT’s Sherry Turkle contends “we’re letting technology take us places that we don't want to go.”  Those of us in the public media business grapple with how to let storytellers lead technology rather than the other way around.

Conversations with Garrison Keillor

Garrison Keillor
2013 - Atlanta

American Public Media invites you to join us for an evening with Garrison Keillor at PRPD. The public radio veteran will share his thoughts on A Prairie Home Companion, public radio and other musings from his nearly 40 years delighting audiences.

Celebrate Good Times: PRI’s 30th Birthday

Alisa Miller
2013 - Atlanta

Alisa Miller, President and CEO of PRI, will highlight memorable milestones in our shared history - moments of station partnership and innovation that have spawned meaningful stories, services and structures for public media. From pioneering programming to groundbreaking entities, there's much to celebrate together.