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Public Radio Tech Survey

Fred Jacobs, Abby Goldstein
2020 - Let's Go Live! Virtual Summit

This year’s survey has the added benefit of giving us a glimpse into how media and device usage may have changed as a result of COVID-19. Join Fred Jacobs, President of Jacobs Media for a look at the 2020 results.

Birth of a Music Format

"Madd Hatta" Ben Thompson, Ayana Contreras, "Heart Attack" Mike Mauzone, Nikki Swarn, Mike Henry
2020 - Let's Go Live! Virtual Summit

After thoughtful research and planning, “Urban Alternative” began in 2016, we'll meet the people managing these new stations and learn about their journey.

Responsive On-Air Fundraising

Ben Adler, Lindsay Kimball, Mike Wallace
2020 - Let's Go Live! Virtual Summit

Join us for practical tips and real-world examples of stations who put the news and music first during their on-air fundraising campaigns.

Building Great Relationships With Freelancers

Amanda Hickman, Mónica Ortiz Uribe, Angilee Shah
2020 - Let's Go Live! Virtual Summit

This panel will share advice on working effectively and ethically with independent journalists.

Super Practical Tips for Editing Scripts

Korva Coleman, Phyllis Fletcher, Rachel Osier Lindley
2020 - Let's Go Live! Virtual Summit

In this session, experienced editors will show you how to get the most out of edits on deadline, and share best practices they’ve learned for making stories sing.

Local That Works

Zaki Hamid, Bill Legere, Kristin Leong, Jennifer Pemberton, Sam Sessa
2020 - Let's Go Live! Virtual Summit

In this Local That Works session we will feature three distinct local service elements that could inspire you to think in new ways about how "to be more local" in your market.

A Commencement: Seven Ideas for the Next Era of Public Radio

Eric Nuzum, Abby Goldstein

In this session, Magnificent Noise co-founder and former NPR and station programmer Eric Nuzum provides an inspiring view on where public radio sits in the wave of change in audio, along with the pitfalls and opportunities that lay ahead--all seen through seven actionable ideas that creators and programmers can use today to make their public service more relevant than ever.

Launching a Daily Podcast

Jill Jackson, Brendan Sweeney
2020 - Let's Go Live! Virtual Summit

As public radio stations across the country work to develop their own daily news podcasts, news leaders Jill Jackson and Brendan Sweeney from member station KUOW in Seattle will share learnings, challenges and the great fun they experienced in the development of Seattle Now.

Update on the Collaborative Journalism Network

Bruce Auster, Joanne Griffith, Mark Memmott, Priska Neely
2020 - Let's Go Live! Virtual Summit

Over this year, member stations in California, the Gulf Coast region and the Midwest are working with NPR to form new regional hubs in these areas of the country. Join Bruce Auster, NPR’s Senior Director of the Collaborative Journalism Network, and others for an update on what’s next with this important project.