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Best Practices from Top Stations

Jeff Rowe, Jody Evans
2018 - Austin

Over the past 18 months, NPR’s Jeff Rowe had talked with dozen’s of PD’s around the country about the best practices for radio basics.  Hear what he’s learned from top stations, and leave the session with ideas about how you can fine tune your station’s sound as soon as you get home.  Jeff will be joined by Jody Evans, PRPD President.  The group will also share best practices for the new Morning Edition clock and the latest on PRPD’s forthcoming PD Handbook overhaul.

Creating a Culture of Journalism

Tamar Charney, John Barth, Mark Memmott, Nancy Cassutt
2018 - Austin

Join fellow content leaders to discuss how is the culture of journalism manifest in the content strategy that we pursue at our stations? How do we create the needed culture at our stations that supports the work of fair, ethical journalism that is in service to the American people?

Local That Works

Helen Barrington, Ross Reynolds, Mike Russo, Ron Jones
2018 - Austin

This session, based on one that drew outstanding attendee ratings at the PMDMC in Chicago, will feature two very different examples. Ask A... from KUOW in Seattle and Generation Listen at KCUR in Kansas City both "moved the needle" achieving real, measureable impact.  Join us to learn about these project and hear how you might apply ideas — or something like this — in your market.

Measuring Online Success: New KPIs for Public Media

Steve Mulder, Michele Murphy
2018 - Austin

What metrics matter when looking at digital audience growth? Fifteen Station-Resource-Group stations collaborated with NPR and PRX for many months to define Key Performance Indicators that cover station websites, streams, mobile apps, podcasts/on-demand, email, social media and third-party apps. In this comprehensive review, you’ll learn whether you’re tracking the right metrics for every digital channel and why certain metrics are more valuable than others. We’ll cover audience growth and engagement, identity metrics, and revenue KPIs by platform. We’ll also hear how stations are starting to use these new KPIs in practical ways that make a difference.

Taking Back the Dashboard

Fred Jacobs, Joe Schifano
2018 - Austin

Join Fred Jacobs and Joe Schifano as they discuss the Digital Dashboard, Smart Screens and Traditional Radios and how metadata can improve the listener experience. Fred will talk about best practices for stations using metadata while Joe will give an update on ContentDepot’s Metapub including what’s new and what’s coming.

Brochure, Memo re 12/31/17 Copyright Agent Deadline

Vital information from the law firm of Garvey Schubert Barer that is relevant for anyone that includes 3d party content (photos, artwork, text, etc.) on your website or permit others to post such materials.

If so, you need to renew your Designation of Copyright Agent filing with the Copyright Office by 12/31/17.  This is required in order to qualify for the safe harbor under the DMCA, which protects qualifying internet service providers from claims of third party copyright infringement if they timely register and follow certain steps upon receiving notice of a claimed infringement.  To register or to get more information, visit https://www.copyright.gov/dmca-directory/.  

This requirement is new this year.  Even if you previously filed in a Designation of Agent to Receive Notice of Claimed Infringement in hard copy with the Copyright Office, you must re-register electronically by the end of the year. You must also keep the copyright agent designation current, and re-file the Designation every 3 years.

In addition to filing with the Copyright Office, to qualify for the safe harbor, you need to post on your website your copyright agent contact info in case anyone needs to send you a takedown notice.  The conditions on obtaining the safe harbor are set forth in the attached “DMCA page” and “Notice and Takedowns” memo.

In addition, because there has been so much in the trade press about copyright infringement suits over the improper use of photographs, also attached is the GSB memo on the Use of Photographs. 

Public Radio Tech Survey 9

The challenge of tracking public radio listeners -- as the media and technology world is roiled by change -- is the central purpose of the Public Radio Techsurveys. For the past nine years, the Public Radio Program Directors Association has partnered with Jacobs Media to produce research that guides the system’s programmers, marketers, and managers as they face a future filled with challenges and opportunities.

Big Shoes to Fill: How to Identify Talent for Public Media's Future

Andi McDaniel, Rupert Allman, Joshua Johnson, Bruce Warren, Talia Schlanger, Francis Lam, Sally Swift
2017 - Washington, DC

As a generation of public radio superstars steps away from the mic, how do we identify, attract, and elevate the talented new on-air personalities that will carry the industry into the future? And how in the world do we carry forward a generation of listeners who are sad to see their beloved NPR personalities move on? Hear from veterans of high-profile talent transitions on what works, what doesn’t, and how you can leverage your moment of transition to make your station stronger and more beloved.

Pubcast Engagement & Social Media - Lessons From the Outside

Jodi Gersh, Steve Lickteig, Jessica Stahl, Lauren Katz, Mary Nahorniak
2017 - Washington, DC

What can public media learn about effective engagement strategies and opportunities from commercial media outlets?  Broaden your engagement perspective in this dialog, featuring leading commercial media engagement strategists.