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PRPD/Jacobs Media COVID-19 Survey 2 - Webinar

As a programmer and content manager, its your job to to understand your audience and to serve them in ways they will value the most. Under normal circumstances, you know your audience very well. But what about now, when the majority of them are working from home and living their lives in isolation? Your audience data and digital metrics tell part of the story and your engagement efforts add detail. But the picture comes to life when you ask your audience how they're feeling and what they're thinking. 

StoryCorps Connect

In this time of social distancing, we need connection more than ever. StoryCorps Connect is a free, online interview tool that allows people to record interviews with loved ones remotely, then share these interviews with the Library of Congress and their local public radio station.

PRPD/Jacobs Media COVID-19 Survey 1

This webinar will reveal the Jacobs Media's audience survey’s topline findings, which include the percentage of the audience in “stay at home” mode, their employment status, their feelings the economy, how much they are listening to radio, as well as consuming other media, how they feel about public radio fundraising at this critical time and what they are looking for from public radio during this crisis.

It's All Audio Right? Broadcast to Podcast - How Does That Work?

Zoe Clark, John Barth, Kevin Sullivan
2019 - Minneapolis

It makes sense money-wise: just take that great local broadcast show and make it into a podcast. Boom. Done. More audience, right? If it were only that simple...

Digital audience listening habits are different. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to creatively serve your podcast listeners in more personal, engaging and frank ways. Join us to hear from stations and show producers about the lessons they've learned on making broadcast shows succeed as podcasts -- and where they have stumbled, so you don't have to.

Building a Podcasting Division from the Ground Up

Joni Deutsch, Sean Powers
2019 - Minneapolis

This session will focus on what it takes for stations to start a podcasting division. In addition to developing and producing podcasts, staff are required to understand music licensing, contracts with external podcast hosts, marketing the shows to get new subscribers, working with digital and art departments, organizing live events, working with underwriting, and cross promoting podcast content on all platforms.