7 Resources for Triple A

Diversifying the Triple A Playlist

Sarah Bradshaw, Margot Chobanian, Liz Felix, Gini Mascorro, Bruce Trujillo
2021 - Redefining Public Media Virtual Conference

In this session we’ll talk about practical and philosophical tactics for both bringing more voices to our audiences and continuing to hold ourselves accountable beyond this moment. 

Connect with Colleagues

PRPD offers a number of ways for you to connect with public radio colleagues across geography. Join a specific format google group or sign up to join monthly format meet-up calls!  

Triple A’s Got Talent…or Does It?

Mark Abuzzahab, Lindsay Kimball, Scott Mullins, Gary Scott
2015 - Pittsburgh

What is the role of talent on Music Discovery stations?  How do you handle the challenges of working with tenured talent, as well as brand new talent?  Why aren’t there more established personalities in this format?  Can Music Discovery stations live on music alone?  Is the format in need of a national show featuring a well-known artist or personality?  

Walking the Line Between Audience & Mission for Triple A Stations

Mike Henry, Mark Abuzzahab, Rita Houston
2013 - Atlanta

Public radio contemporary music stations walk the line between the need to grow audience in a competitive environment and the idea that we seek to achieve a mission to enrich our communities.  If we focus strictly on growing audience, we can lose sight of our mission.  But if we focus strictly on our mission, we run the risk of stagnating and losing sight of our own growth potential.

Triple-A Format Group

Chuck Singleton, Dave Sullivan
2014 - Portland

The Triple-A format has been growing in public radio and stations are coming together to learn about our shared opportunities and challenges.  After a number of years looking at PPM data, there is a story to tell about how Triple A stations are serving their audiences.  At this gathering of Triple A programming decision makers, we will hear about how stations are performing.

Triple-A Audience Survey Results Revealed!

Mike Henry, Mark Abuzzahab, David Safar, Chris Wienk
2014 - Portland

Fielded in Spring 2014, PRPD's Triple-A PD survey included identifying the burning questions for PD's, determining what is needed in the way of audience research, and finding out what PD's are seeing in terms of their own station performance, market size, cume AQH, core composition, fundraising, community relations and events.