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Music Format Audience Trends

We’ve all been closely monitoring audience metrics since the pandemic started. How are public radio music stations doing during this extraordinary time? Join PRPD President Abby Goldstein and RRC Client Services Manager Dave Sullivan for a look at recent audience trends for Classical, Triple A, Jazz and Urban Alternative stations.

Building Resilience Webinar Series #5: The Imperative of Inclusion

The latest installment in the Building Resilience webinar series was on The Imperative of Inclusion.  PMJA’s Terry Gildea talked with Jordan Lee of Radio Milwaukee and Ju-Don Marshall of WFAE in Charlotte, North Carolina about how their two stations are working to improve culture and welcome new voices and new perspectives - in their organizations and their communities.

PRPD/Jacobs Media COVID-19 Survey 2 - Webinar

As a programmer and content manager, its your job to to understand your audience and to serve them in ways they will value the most. Under normal circumstances, you know your audience very well. But what about now, when the majority of them are working from home and living their lives in isolation? Your audience data and digital metrics tell part of the story and your engagement efforts add detail. But the picture comes to life when you ask your audience how they're feeling and what they're thinking. 

StoryCorps Connect

In this time of social distancing, we need connection more than ever. StoryCorps Connect is a free, online interview tool that allows people to record interviews with loved ones remotely, then share these interviews with the Library of Congress and their local public radio station.