9 Resources for Classical

Taking Another Listen to Classical Radio

Bill Johnson, Sheila Rue, Michelle Maestas Simonsen, Tanya Treptow
2023 - Philadelphia Penn's Landing

The study is called “Taking Another Listen” and it will probably challenge some of your assumptions about the perceptions, behaviors and expectations of multicultural classical music listeners. Join us for a look at the results and a discussion with the study’s station partners about this groundbreaking research.

Taking Another Listen to Classical Music

Classical KING-FM just completed a study with station partners WRTI, WQXR and KUCO of people of color with the goal of making classical radio more inviting to new audiences. Join us for a look at the results and a discussion with the study’s station partners about implementation of the key findings.

Redefining Classical: How Radio is Getting Involved

Julie Amacher, Scott Blankenship, Meghann Oglesby, Suzanne Nance, Dr. Louise Toppin, Lara Downes
2022 - New Orleans

In this session, a panel of leaders in Classical music and media will discuss the innovative ways they are working to address this pervasive issue. Special recorded video presentation by Lara Downes.

Tactics for Diversifying Classical Music Programming

John Clare, Daniel Gilliam, Suzanne Bona, Frank Dominguez
2021 - Redefining Public Media Virtual Conference

This session gives examples of the first steps in what must be an ongoing journey to craft and present more inclusive and interesting playlists. We can't just talk the talk, we must walk the walk every day -- not just with annual "celebrations" or one-time special events. In this session, veteran classical music programmers share their specific tactics for implementing more diverse and inclusive playlists that serve and delight listeners EVERY DAY.

Connect with Colleagues

PRPD offers a number of ways for you to connect with public radio colleagues across geography. Join a specific format google group or sign up to join monthly format meet-up calls!  

Commercial Classical Is Dead; Long Live Commercial Classical

Matt Abramovitz, Bill Lueth, Bryan Lowe
2013 - Atlanta

Join us as we explore classical programming orthodoxies and reconcile them with the best programming practices of formerly commercial classical stations. You’ll learn what they are still doing and why.

Classical Listeners & the Infinite Dial

Larry Rosin
2014 - Portland

Beginning in 1998 and every year since, Edison Research has conducted their comprehensive landmark study,The Infinite Dial. This year’s 22nd such study added an additional question to determine whether respondents listen to classical music.

Classical Format Group

Gabe DiMaio, Matt Abramovitz, Joe Eskola, Sonja Lee, Bill Lueth
2014 - Portland

Opportunities to meet face to face are rare, so let’s make the most of it by building our knowledge base and transforming last year’s talk into action.