4 Resources for PRI

Lunch with PRI: Giving Voice to Our Dynamic World

Arwa Gunja, Luke Burbank, Nina Porzucki, Piya Chattopadhyay, Rupa Shenoy
2016 - Phoenix

Join a panel of PRI's young rising stars who, throughout the week, give voice to those often-underrepresented communities within our national discussions. PRI's programming consistently explores the breadth and depth of our complex and exciting world in a way that strongly connects communities, cultures, and world events.

Maximizing Your Program Investment: Curating, Repurposing and Segmentation

Jon Hoban, Bill Radke, Robert Hugh-Jones, Kathy Merritt
2013 - Atlanta

This session will explore how various stations around the country are integrating curated content within their regular programming. We’ll hear from a variety of stations (large and small) about how they approach the idea, why they think it’s important and how they manage the technical aspect of integrating segments into their schedules with little or no resources.

Reset: What issues Will Define the 21st Century?

Kara Miller, Monica Campbell, Farai Chideya, Ira Flatow, Marco Werman
2014 - Portland

When historians look back on the 21st century, how will they characterize this era in human history? In the first 15 years, we've already witnessed dramatic events – from the shock of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks to the rise of India and China as major players in the global economy to the déjà-vu of the recent moves by Russia to take over parts of Ukraine. Other issues such as economic inequality, environmental challenges, energy needs, immigration, technological advances, women’s rights, demographic changes, security/terrorism, nationalism, and religious freedom ripple across our communities and shape our everyday existence. 

Celebrate Good Times: PRI’s 30th Birthday

Alisa Miller
2013 - Atlanta

Alisa Miller, President and CEO of PRI, will highlight memorable milestones in our shared history - moments of station partnership and innovation that have spawned meaningful stories, services and structures for public media. From pioneering programming to groundbreaking entities, there's much to celebrate together.