5 Resources for WGBH

Classical Music Format Group

Tom Thomas, St.John Flynn, Graham Parker, Ben Roe
2013 - Atlanta

This year’s gathering of classical colleagues will be devoted to a single, overarching theme: How can stations, networks, and public media service organizations work together to strengthen classical music radio? 

Music Stations as Community Arts Collaborator & Convener

Ruth Phinney, Anthony Rudel, Bruce Warren
2014 - Portland

We convene audiences through our programming or through listener/member events. However, there is a role that your station can play as a convener of fellow arts non-profits and other like-minded organizations and individuals.

Growing Audience: Tactics and Principles of Meaningful Growth

Michael Arnold, Phil Redo, Chuck Singleton, Melanie Sill
2014 - Portland

Many radio stations are dealing with stagnating audience and declining AQH, but not every station has to be content to let it happen. In this session, we discuss the tactics and programming techniques that can help grow audience and AQH.

Reset: What issues Will Define the 21st Century?

Kara Miller, Monica Campbell, Farai Chideya, Ira Flatow, Marco Werman
2014 - Portland

When historians look back on the 21st century, how will they characterize this era in human history? In the first 15 years, we've already witnessed dramatic events – from the shock of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks to the rise of India and China as major players in the global economy to the déjà-vu of the recent moves by Russia to take over parts of Ukraine. Other issues such as economic inequality, environmental challenges, energy needs, immigration, technological advances, women’s rights, demographic changes, security/terrorism, nationalism, and religious freedom ripple across our communities and shape our everyday existence. 

Mobile Digital Audio

Christopher Bannon, Phil Redo, Jake Shapiro
2013 - Atlanta

Pandora and Spotify have already changed the world public radio music stations live in. Now, thanks to ever-smarter smart phones and that Connected Car in the driveway, news and information stations face an audience trained to enjoy—and expect—an on-demand, customizable service. How will this impact the stories we tell, the services we provide, the loyalty of our current audience and our own opportunities to grown and evolve?