4 Resources for Fundraising

The Future of On-Air Fundraising

Ben Adler, Jay Clayton, Briana O'Higgins, David Barasoain
2022 - New Orleans

In this session co-produced with Greater Public, we’ll share some provocative ideas about how to reposition existing resources for digital fundraising. Then we’ll suggest some new ways to make the most of our on-air drives.

PDs Can Create Revenue Too: Event Fundraising Explored

Mike Henry, Ann Alquist, Amy Miller, Mike Sauter
2015 - Pittsburgh

Event and member fundraising start with a strong concept around content. Some Triple A stations already have successful concerts. What are the challenges to throwing a revenue-based event or content activity such as local music CDs or concert fly-aways? Can these programming events and activities be used to lessen the amount of on-air fundraising? Leading program directors will share their secrets to driving revenue from the PD chair.

The New Role of the PD in Successful Fundraising

Barbara Appleby, Valerie Arganbright
2013 - Atlanta

This session explores the PD's leadership role in improving the sound and effectiveness of our fundraising on all platforms, our changing relationship with listeners and givers, techniques to reduce on-air fundraising minutes and retain listeners, and effective year-round on-air acquisition as a key strategy to limit on-air fundraising.