Registration for The Content Conference 2016 is now open!

We believe the future is about Consumption, Relevance and Sustainability. PRPD believes that it is vital that every team member of every public radio content unit recognizes that it is our job to transcend making and delivering meaningful public service content, and that we must also be active, creative players in building new audiences and our financial future.

You make great work.

You want people to see it matters to their lives, embrace it, share it and champion it.

You know you need their support to keep it going.

In a time of turbulent change, the PRPD’s annual Content Conference is your opportunity to learn new ways to swim through the choppy waters.

The world is not sitting still. Neither can you.

Save the date and register for the Content Conference today. You know you are going to do it – so get it done and get on with your summer.

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