Getting Down to Business with Marketplace

Lizzie O'Leary, Jessica Pressler, Ben Walsh
2014 - Portland

The #1 name in business news, Marketplace is celebrating 25 years on the air. In honor of this milestone, we’re bringing a taste of what’s new at Marketplace to lunch, or maybe we should say Brunch?

Each week, Marketplace Weekend host Lizzie O’Leary and special guests chew over the business stories you know—and the stories you don’t know—in our Weekend Brunch segment. During Wednesday’s APM luncheon, we’re serving up the segment to you! Lizzie will be joined by The Huffington Post’s money and finance reporter Ben Walsh and New York Magazine contributing editor Jessica Pressler, and you won’t want to miss their surprise server.

Join us as we share what’s new and what’s ahead at Marketplace, mixing business with a little fun as always.