Core Values for Classical Music

Qualities of the Mind/Intellect

  • Love of lifelong learning (about the music)
  • Substance (of the music)
  • Curiosity (about the music)
  • Credibility (expected in those who present the music)
  • Accuracy
  • Honesty/Sincerity
  • Respect for the Listener (sharing with/not talking up or down)
  • Purpose (to enhance the listener's enjoyment of the music)

Qualities of Heart/Spirit

  • Internal State (peaceful, soothing, relaxing)
  • Inspired by Beauty and Majesty (of the music)
  • Connection with something that is timeless, enduring
  • Humor (disciplined, purposeful, respectful)
  • Generosity (music is the jewel/station and host the setting)

Qualities of Craft

  • Uniquely human voice (conversational, authentic, intimate)
  • Pacing (deliberate, appropriate to the substance of the music)
  • Attention to detail (music, language, production elements)


While all three core values categories are engaged in classical music presentation, Qualities of the Heart and Spirit are the pre-eminent core values of the classical music listening experience.