Core Values for Jazz

Qualities of the Mind/Intellect

  • Love of lifelong learning (about the music and its history)
  • Substance (the music has depth and integrity – it's "the real deal")
  • Curiosity (active listening/involvement with the music)
  • Credibility - Accuracy - Honesty
  • Respect for the Listener
  • Purpose (to enhance the listener's enjoyment of the music)

Qualities of Heart/Spirit

  • Pleasure - Jazz inspires a broad and complex range of positive emotions – motivating, joyous, passionate, uplifting - soothing & energizing at the same time
  • Inspired by the music's unique qualities - There is active listening to, involvement with, and appreciation of
    • The spontaneity, improvisation and originality inherent to Jazz music
    • The authenticity and integrity of the music
  • Connection with history and tradition, and its contribution to American culture
  • Generosity (music is the jewel/station and host the setting)
  • Humor (disciplined, purposeful, respectful)

Qualities of Craft

  • Uniquely human voice (conversational, authentic, intimate)
  • Pacing (deliberate, appropriate to the substance of the music)
  • Attention to detail (music, language, production elements)


For Jazz listeners, all three Core Values categories are engaged in their appreciation of the music. But the Qualities of Heart and Spirit are pre-eminent.