Ineffective Promotion Techniques

No Lists, Please!

While detailed announcements about programming or extensive listings of community activities or cultural events may interest some listeners, long lists of information like these are more effective in print than on the radio.

Most listeners are involved with other activities while they are using radio, which reduces the usefulness of long lists of information. Listeners often cannot remember, let alone write down information about, the many different events they hear about in a calendar lasting several minutes. Most importantly, long lists make for boring, unimaginative radio

Fortunately, stations can still provide this information in a way that serves the community and is much more listener-friendly. A station website is an excellent venue to present calendars and lists. It’s available 24/7, and listeners can use it when they can take the time to read and record any information they require. And, even though it’s on your website instead of on your air, listeners will still appreciate your station for providing this service.

These online events calendars can be effectively promoted by briefly mentioning a single event, then reminding listeners that they can visit the website anytime for complete information on this and other activities in the area.

One very important caveat: if your station provides this service online, it’s essential to keep the information on the website up-to-date!