StoryCorps Connect

In this time of social distancing, we need connection more than ever. StoryCorps Connect is a free, online interview tool that allows people to record interviews with loved ones remotely, then share these interviews with the Library of Congress and their local public radio station. During this webinar, you’ll hear Dave Isay, founder and president of StoryCorps, discuss the new platform and share resources that can help you organize a drive for listener engagement, community-building, and story-sharing. Learn more:

Click here to view a recording of the webinar.

Password: Danny loves Annie

You can access a series of tools, including:

copy for an email to listeners, 

:15 and :30s promos and copy,

copy for your social channels


a co-brandable logo, and

a toolkit for distribution from your Community Engagement team

You can find all this and more in this Station Resource Drive. Should you have any questions about resources or details, do not hesitate to contact Dave Isay or Stacey Todd on the StoryCorps team.