The State of the Public Radio Audience

For the first time ever, three of our industry’s most influential and incisive researchers and analysts will share a stage and take your questions. Edison’s Larry Rosen, RRC’s Dave Sullivan, Fred Jacobs of Jacobs Media will slice through Voltair, mobile, podcasting and other audio hot-button topics, public radio-specific audience trends, and we’ll get the latest from the Public Radio Tech Survey.

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Kerri Hoffman appointed to Board of Directors

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Kerri Hoffman to the Board of Directors. Hoffman is the COO of PRX, the Public Radio Exchange.

Hoffman is an experienced management leader with a broad range of expertise in organizational development, financial planning and strategic planning. Hoffman has played a key role in PRX’s evolution as it expanded its scope as public radio’s first and only functional marketplace for independent producers. In recent years, Hoffman and the PRX team have made strategic forays into near adjacencies of content production and distribution.

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Registration Open for PRPD's Content Conferece

If ever there was a year to make it to PRPD...

  • Podcasting trend stories outnumber follow up on the stories our journalists have broken.
  • What have we learned, and what comes after, the Spark project?
  • And, collectively, we’ve trained and cultivated an audience who freaks out when Kim Kardashian appears on Wait, Wait.

Clearly, plenty to talk about... and some brilliant people to inspire you.

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Finding America

Finding America is AIR’s next Localore project and this demands your careful attention. The Station Runway has launched, which means this is your chance to make a compelling case for why local folks should come and partner with your station.

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