Inside Radio on PRPD's Millennial Project

Inside Radio, the publication that covers all things radio, reviews key takeaways from PRPD's Millennial Project findings in the article "Public Radio Can Reach Millennials With Local Digital Content."

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How to be Successful in a Digital World

As Classical Music Rising, public radio’s classical music stations have been tackling the questions that will shape their future. PRPD is partnering with Classical Music Rising to bring these timely conversations to the 2017 Content Conference for music stations.

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Public Radio Tech Survey

The Public Radio Tech Survey drops its 9th installment this year. PRPD and Jacobs Media took to field and are now introducing Public Radio Tech Survey 9. This year’s model will include the usage pyramid, tracking data on platforms, podcasts, handsets and you can look forward to unique insights into a range of thorny topics.

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Something for Everyone!

This year's PRPD has major sessions that apply to every station, every market size, every format, every skill level. We have sessions that address the urgent questions facing every content leader.

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Pre-Conference Workshops Announced

For 30 years, the PRPD has been the public radio content communities’ leading training organization. Set aside the time to arrive early, dig in and sharpen the skills that will help you and your team reach more people, serve them at a higher level and create meaningful, impactful public service content.

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Registration is now open for The Content Conference 2017!

The 2017 General Sessions are essential destinations for everyone who cares about public media service. Here's a sneak peak at some of those sessions.

The Millennial Research Project – PRPD’s latest, system-wide knowledge project will have its first full-scale roll-out. We’ll learn what our next audience thinks about our brand our value in the mediascape, diversity and inclusion – and you’ll discover the role local shows play in bonding this critical audience to your station. 

Reveal Your Community: The Campaign for Local Growth – The Center for Investigative Reporting and PRX share their experiences launching Reveal to rally and organize local stations to mount long-form collaborative investigations, revolutionize their talent pipeline, get in front of hungry audiences and inspire courageous philanthropists who can fuel the work. 

PRX's Project Catapult – The public radio audience has demonstrated its strong attachment to on-demand audio. Local stations are figuring out how to leverage this opportunity. The seven stations in the CPB funded Project Catapult will walk you through their process and what they’ve learned about how to expand their remit and meaningfully engage in this space.

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There’s still time to get your idea on the agenda, but the window is closing soon. Hop to it and make your pitch.

These are just a few of the sessions - there is so much more for stations (of all sizes and format), producers, news directors, general managers and hosts.  

The Content Conference is the ONLY national convening devoted solely to public radio content and programming.

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