New Requirement: 12/31/2017 deadline to refile Notice of Designation of Copyright Agent in new filing system at Copyright Office

Vital reminder from the law firm of Garvey Schubert Barer. Read this if you include 3d party content (photos, artwork, text, etc.) on your website or permit others to post such materials. 

If so, you need to renew your Designation of Copyright Agent filing with the Copyright Office by 12/31/17.  This is required in order to qualify for the safe harbor under the DMCA, which protects qualifying internet service providers from claims of third party copyright infringement if they timely register and follow certain steps upon receiving notice of a claimed infringement.

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Jacobs Media & PRPD’s 9th Annual Public Radio Tech Survey Released

The challenge of tracking public radio listeners -- as the media and technology world is roiled by change -- is the central purpose of the Public Radio Techsurveys. For the past nine years, the Public Radio Program Directors Association has partnered with Jacobs Media to produce research that guides the system’s programmers, marketers, and managers as they face a future filled with challenges and opportunities.

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Listening Day

November 30, 2017 is the first National Day of Station Air Checking. How are you going to improve your station's sound?

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Inside Radio on PRPD's Millennial Project

Inside Radio, the publication that covers all things radio, reviews key takeaways from PRPD's Millennial Project findings in the article "Public Radio Can Reach Millennials With Local Digital Content."

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How to be Successful in a Digital World

As Classical Music Rising, public radio’s classical music stations have been tackling the questions that will shape their future. PRPD is partnering with Classical Music Rising to bring these timely conversations to the 2017 Content Conference for music stations.

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