Great Copy

Laura Landress, Stacy Owen, Sheila Rue, Christina Shockley, Abby Goldstein

Writing for the ear is not the same as writing for the eye and when time is limited, every word in a script matters. There is usually a lot of information that needs to be conveyed clearly in :15 or :30, which means you must be economical about the words you choose. When it comes to underwriting, chances are you spend considerable time working with your sales team on ensuring that copy meets legal guidelines while also meeting the needs of the client. In this session, you will learn valuable techniques for writing great broadcast promos and live announcements with attention to the specific nature of underwriting copy. Christina Shockley moderates this discussion with Laura Landress, Corporate Support Advisor at Greater Public; Sheila Rue, Program Director at WSMR and WUSF; and Stacy Owen, Program Director at WFPK. 

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