Your "Stationality"

Kelsey McConnell, Zoe Clark, Charlee Robles, Christina Shockley, Abby Goldstein

There has never been more competition for the attention of your listeners and if you want to stand out, you must stand for something. Every local break is a chance to develop and cement a relationship with your audience that is based on shared values and experiences. There are hundreds of choices made over the course of an hour that affect how your station is perceived by your audience. Even the smallest details can have a big effect on your sound. In this session, you will learn about the best techniques for staying consistent in how you execute local breaks and proven methods for keeping your station’s brand top of mind at every step. Christina Shockley moderates this discussion with Zoe Clark, Program Director at Michigan Radio; Kelsey McConnell, Manager of Content Production and Programming at USC Radio Group; and Charlee Robles, Operations Manager at KUVO and The DROP in Denver, and On Air Talent for Westwood One. 

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