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News Director & General Manager Surveys

As a part of NPR's evaluation of its member stations' local news reporting capacities, NPR Audience & Corporate Research designed and fielded a survey for NPR Member stations. From this survey, NPR is gaining insights into the best approaches to enhance the capacity of its member stations to provide quality, in-depth local news reporting.

Talk Show Best Practices

Public Radio Program Directors (PRPD) and the Local News Initiative (LNI) have joined forces to develop "Best Practices" for public radio's local news/ talk/information programs.

Connected Cars

Fred Jacobs, Larry Rosin
2014 - Portland

Larry Rosin and Fred Jacobs discuss one of the biggest challenges – and opportunity - facing radio in the coming years revolves around the “connected car.”  The storied relationship between broadcast radio and the automobile is undergoing immense change.  It is critical that radio professionals understand how the digital dashboard is being redefined by every automaker in the world.  

Classical Format Group

Gabe DiMaio, Matt Abramovitz, Joe Eskola, Sonja Lee, Bill Lueth
2014 - Portland

Opportunities to meet face to face are rare, so let’s make the most of it by building our knowledge base and transforming last year’s talk into action.

Goin’ Mobile

Todd Mundt, Thomas Hjelm, Andrew Kuklewicz, Sara Sarasohn
2014 - Portland

Mobile phone coverage is virtually ubiquitous, and use is growing fast across most demographic groups. Radio listening on mobile devices has become common among both our core audiences and those audiences we hope to attract.

Reset: What issues Will Define the 21st Century?

Kara Miller, Monica Campbell, Farai Chideya, Ira Flatow, Marco Werman
2014 - Portland

When historians look back on the 21st century, how will they characterize this era in human history? In the first 15 years, we've already witnessed dramatic events – from the shock of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks to the rise of India and China as major players in the global economy to the déjà-vu of the recent moves by Russia to take over parts of Ukraine. Other issues such as economic inequality, environmental challenges, energy needs, immigration, technological advances, women’s rights, demographic changes, security/terrorism, nationalism, and religious freedom ripple across our communities and shape our everyday existence. 

Triple-A Audience Survey Results Revealed!

Mike Henry, Mark Abuzzahab, David Safar, Chris Wienk
2014 - Portland

Fielded in Spring 2014, PRPD's Triple-A PD survey included identifying the burning questions for PD's, determining what is needed in the way of audience research, and finding out what PD's are seeing in terms of their own station performance, market size, cume AQH, core composition, fundraising, community relations and events.