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What Every PD Needs To Know (About Their Audience)

One excellent definition of a Program Director is that he or she is the audience’s representative at a station. The goal of everything a station offers – from major programs to brief announcements – is to serve the audience. But to truly represent the audience, you need to know and understand the audience. What must you know?

Walking the Line Between Audience & Mission for Triple A Stations

Mike Henry, Mark Abuzzahab, Rita Houston
2013 - Atlanta

Public radio contemporary music stations walk the line between the need to grow audience in a competitive environment and the idea that we seek to achieve a mission to enrich our communities.  If we focus strictly on growing audience, we can lose sight of our mission.  But if we focus strictly on our mission, we run the risk of stagnating and losing sight of our own growth potential.

The New Role of the PD in Successful Fundraising

Barbara Appleby, Valerie Arganbright
2013 - Atlanta

This session explores the PD's leadership role in improving the sound and effectiveness of our fundraising on all platforms, our changing relationship with listeners and givers, techniques to reduce on-air fundraising minutes and retain listeners, and effective year-round on-air acquisition as a key strategy to limit on-air fundraising.

Public Media's Full Spectrum Storytelling

Jennifer Brandel, Julia Drapkin, Harriett Ells, Haley Howle, Sally Kane, Hawk Mendenhall, Noland Walker
2013 - Atlanta

Two years ago, AIR called out to stations at PRPC to step forward to help incubate new models for storytelling, media craft, and distribution, and work together with AIR and producers to push the envelope to realize a new public media.

AIR@25 Mingle

Glynn Washington, Sue Schardt, Torey Malatia
2013 - Atlanta

Emcee Glynn Washington welcomes all to this celebration of AIR's silver anniversary.  Keynote speaker Torey Malatia, AIR's founders, VIP guests, with Executive Director Sue Schardt and President David Freedman welcome producers and stations managers to "mingle" and share the story of public media’s creative culture and the vision for what lies ahead.  

Classical Music Format Group

Tom Thomas, St.John Flynn, Graham Parker, Ben Roe
2013 - Atlanta

This year’s gathering of classical colleagues will be devoted to a single, overarching theme: How can stations, networks, and public media service organizations work together to strengthen classical music radio? 

Jazz Format Group

Joey Cohn
2013 - Atlanta

What are jazz stations doing that is making a difference online? How are stations connecting the on-air and online relationship? And...How are you maximizing the resources you have to program and distribute content to both areas?  Share your success stories and hard lessons with your fellow jazz programmers in these and other aspects of your jazz services. 

News/Talk Format Group

Jeff Hansen, George Bailey, Craig Oliver, Dave Sullivan
2013 - Atlanta

This year's meeting will center on a discussion of current issues for news and information stations in all sizes of markets. We'll share efforts underway at your stations and, In light of so many stations making changes in middays, trends in that daypart.

Digital Music Rights and Public Media

Joel Meyer, Spencer W. Weisbroth
2013 - Atlanta

Many times terrific musical performances that happen in our studios have to be cut out of our archived shows, streams, and podcasts because we lack the necessary rights to keep them. This issue affects anyone who produces live music content but also can include interview shows on news format stations using live or pre-recorded music. Whether you work at a station or are an independent producer, you may unknowingly expose yourself to legal action if you not aware of the issues at play.